Recent Projects

Did the Jags Win?

I’m a huge Jacksonville Jaguars fan and it’s a tough life for us fans. It’s been 8 years since the...

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PTI Repairs

PTI Repairs was built as a landing page website to help reinforce a branding initiative by People’s Trust Insurance. The...

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Sachs Media Group

I helped build the Sachs Media Group company website showcasing a bold, breakthrough approach to communications.

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Mom's Against Cooties

The American Chemistry Council engaged Sachs Media Group to create a safe space for moms to discuss cleaning and disinfection....

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Jaguars 2016 Draft

Outside of work, I keep up with sports as much a I can – particularly, the NFL. There’s nothing quite...

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People's Trust Insurance

People’s Trust Insurance leadership wanted to generate more sales leads and build the reputation of its Florida property insurance company....

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