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People's Trust Insurance

People’s Trust Insurance leadership wanted to generate more sales leads and build the reputation of its Florida property insurance company. The insurance company engaged Sachs Media Group to bring to life strategies that would rebrand the company, focus its marketing and communications, and showcase its unique approach to home insurance protection in Florida in a variety of ways.


  • Stand-out amongst a crowded insurance market
  • Generate more sales leads
  • Build reputation in Florida

Work Involved

I helped with strategy for user experience, technology selection, and web development for the redesign of the PTI website. The site is fully-responsive and uses a content management system.

With a goal to make the website stand out amongst a crowded insurance market, we uniquely designed the homepage to showcase actual employees as part of the website’s imagery. In the hero section of the homepage, we created an animated, “video-like” fade-show. As you scrolled down the website’s homepage, an eye-catching filling effect grabbed user attention to help showcase PTI’s core values and features.

Throughout the website, policyholder reviews and testimonials were added to reinforce the company’s focus on providing for it’s policyholders and People Trust’s unique service-offering. Tesimonials were archived on a “Reviews” page, which again was feature-packed and created a modern viewing experience with the ability to filter through items based on the media type.

A blog was also built to feature informational content to help policyholders maintain their homes and save money. Articles can be added and maintained by staff memebers, with the content management system.

To help generate more sales leads, subtle calls-to-action, like “Get a Quote” buttons & inputs were added in target areas of throughout the site. Behind the scenes, tracking mechanisms were added to help digest user personas and A/B testing was done to mesasure the effectiveness of page design.


As the company messaging contines to evolve, so does it’s website. To keep up with this dynamic market, different modules and themes are often developed. Things like, video headers, video galleries, search tools, and new page designs help reinforce branding and help meet internal marketing objectives.

People’s Trust has recognized their website as their top sales tool and since their redesign, has become one of Florida’s top 10 home insurance companies.

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